*The Boots promotional EP from 1963 - Fr Studio Sound RM 5037
This EP was ordered in a small number and used for promotion purposes for The Boots. Unfortunately today, "New Old Stock" and never played records are sold on the web, discs that really belong to The Boots of the 1963 lineup. These EP discs were seized by the
person who had a position of trust in the band at that time. This took place when the cooperation ceased and without the bands knowledge - the band and its members believes that this was, and still is, a great betrayal!

When an excessive number of discs began to show up on various sales pages on the net we in the band would understand what was going on and where they came from. This is morally dubious and unacceptable business going on with The Boots Ep discs on the Internet. Probably sold through an intermediary
The Boots was during the 60s, "northern Swedens pride on the pop scene". Pop events, club gigs and school dances were on their program and the band made between 50 and 100 gigs per year. In 1986 Boots had their first reunion, and has since then played as often as opportunities are given. Alma Grand on Ulvon and Arken pub No. 1 are examples of scenes where the band has played for crowded house.
A much appreciated instrumental program was given in 1994 when Ornskoldsvik celebrated its first 100 years. "Professional" was the overall assessment at the appearance of The Get Back concert. During the "Big Rock Festival" in Umea ithe audience once again gave the band a warm reception.

"If you want cover music of the sixties where the band has their roots in 60s mold, and the right feeling, the choice is easy," the Boots lead singer Pelle Hansson says , "the band plays pop music of the 60s spiced with the experiences of other music styles". The band emphasizes they play pop music of high standard. The audience will be served delicious instrumental music from The Shadows, The Ventures and The Spotnicks. The vocal part contains samples fromMoody Blues, The Kinks, The Beatles, Manfred Mann, Lovin Spoonful, The Animals, Procol Harum, Spencer Davis Group etc,  but also a selection of later date.

The geographical distance among the members is huge, they live in Nykoping, Falkenberg/Greece, Sundsvall and Harnosand. Current line of members: Kjell-Arne Bladh - bass / vocals, Pelle Hansson - lead vocals, Ove Lundberg - drums / background vocals, Roland Nordin - solo guitar / vocals, PG Nyberg - rhythm guitar / keyboards / vocals.
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The band started 1961 as  ROBAS - R-Roland - O-Olavi - B-Bertil - A-Anders - S-Sam
Roland Nordin: leadguitar 1961-1962
Olavi Johansson: rhytmguitar 1961-1962
Bertil Söderqvist: bass 1961-1962
Anders Selin: drums 1961-1962
Sam Forslund: accordion 1961-1962

ROBAS renamed1962 to THE BOOTS and had from 1962 to 1968 the following members:
Roland Nordin: leadguitar /harmony vocals 1962-1967, bass/armony vocals1967-1968
Anders Selin: drums 1962-1963
Bertil Söderqvist: bass/harmony vocals 1962-1964
Olavi Johansson:  rhytmguitar/harmony vocals 1962-1965
Douglas Söderlind: saxofon/lead singer 1962-1965
Kent Larsson: leadsång 1963
Roger Arnström: drums 1963-1964
Sam Forslund: elbas/harmony vocals  1964-1967
Ove Lundberg: trummor 1964-1968
Pelle Hansson: lead singer 1965-1968
P-G Nyberg: keyboard/ rhytmguitar/harmony vocals  1965-1968
Jerre Ölund: leadguitar /harmony vocals  1967-1968

12/5 1963 Winner of Youth Talent Hunt in Örnsköldsvik
25/4 1964 2nd place in Nalen's national twistband competition, after the winner Mascots
3/12 1966 The final winner in WC of POP (WestNorrland Championship)

1st from left - promotional EP from 1963*: FRS Studio Sound RM 5037.

2nd from left - instrumental single in 1964: Odeon SD 5960. Boots was signed  to Odeon 1964 after
placed second in a music contest at Nalen the same year. Only one single was released, which
makes this single sought after among collector's.

3rd from left - vocal single from 1967: Epok Epok-S-212. Recorded at the small local
record company EPOK that also had Don Curtis,  among other artists, on their label